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Nutrition Counseling

I’d love to help you build healthy eating habits so that you can fuel your daily life more effectively.

I’ll help you learn how to eat well and with more ease, and to build eating habits that make you feel good. We’ll cover foundational nutrition topics, building balanced meals and snacks, including foods you love, and more.

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Nutrition Counseling

  • First session ($100)
    • Our first meeting will be 45 minutes – 1 hour long. We’ll get to know each other and discuss your individual nutrition questions and concerns. Your nutrition needs are so specific to you – I want to help you with the areas you are most concerned with and tailor our sessions specifically to your needs. We’ll work together to create attainable, actionable goals for your lifestyle.
  • Follow-up sessions ($75)
    • These sessions will be 30 – 45 minutes long. We’ll address any new concerns that have come up as you’ve been making progress toward your goals and adjust as necessary. I recommend scheduling follow-ups every 2-3 weeks.

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